23 - 24 October, 2018 |

Peter Wu | 吴平

Vice General Manager, Finance Center | 财管中心副总经理
Red Star Macalline Group Co., Ltd | 红星美凯龙家居集团股份有限公司
Peter Wu, MBA, Fudan Management School. Over 17 years working experience in a couple of well-known foreign invested companies, the latest job was in Hexion/Momentiv e Chemicals serviced as Great China Finance Controller, leaded 40+ team and support company to run over 1 billion USD business in Asia Pacific region. 2 years ago, he joined Red Star Macalline Group(1528.HK) service as Vice General Manager in group finance center, he focus on finance reform, system implementation and building up a new SSC center for Macalline. Red Star Macalline Group(1528.HK) is a biggest home furnishing retail chains in China, running over 200+ malls and over 10 billion RMB business in China, employee over 18K. 吴平, 复旦大学工商管理硕士。在多个著名外企拥有超过17年的财务工作经验, 在加入红星美凯龙集团之前,他就职于瀚森/迈图化工集团有限公司担任大中国区财务总监一职,领导一个超过40人的财务团队,在亚太地区协助业务运营管理超过10亿美元的业务。2年前,他加入红星美凯龙集团(香港股票代码:1528.HK)担任集团财务管理中心副总经理一职,致力于红星美凯龙的财务转型、系统实施和创建一支新的共享服务中心队伍。 红星美凯龙集团(香港股票代码:1528.HK)是全国最大的家居卖场零售企业,运营着超过200家的家居卖场,年营收超过100亿人民币,企业员工超过18000人。

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