23 - 24 October, 2018 |
Pullman Shanghai South, China

Awards: Application Forms


SSON Excellence Awards China 2018

Award Categories and Application Forms

The SSON Excellence Awards for China are established around three categories which showcase some of the core competencies of shared services and outsourcing transformation and optimisation.

All the application forms can be downloaded from the links below and must be must be submitted no later than 24 August 2018. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at awardchina@ssonetwork.com! Good luck!

2018 Awards Categories:

Best Shared Service Team | 最佳共享服务团队奖
Teamwork is the bedrock of Shared Services; tell us how your team is working together to improve the bottom line of your SS&O. | 团队协作是共享服务的基石,人才管理更是共享服务领域的永恒热门话题。请告诉我们,您的团队是如何协作提升共享服务中心业绩的。

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Excellence in Transformation | 杰出转型奖
Whether captive, hybrid or BPO, if you’ve transformed your shared services through either restructuring or digitalization, we want to hear from you. | 不管是企业内共享,外包还是混合模式,只要您通过组织结构重组或数字化向共享服务模式进行了成功地转型,实现成本削减、效率提高或价值提升,我们都期待聆听您的故事。

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Best Outsourcing Partnership | 最佳外包合作奖
If your outsourcing relationship has brought lucrative results let us know, we want to shine a light on your success. | 如果您与外包合作伙伴的合作取得了骄人业绩,请告知我们。我们想让更多人了解您的成功经验
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Excellence in Process Innovation | 杰出流程创新奖
This can take many forms: moving to a customer focused approach, implementing benchmarking, training and innovation initiatives, six sigma and waste elimination, are just a few | 流程创新有许多种形式,如以客户为中心的方法,实施业务对标,培训与创新项目,六西格码项目等等。请告知我们您在流程创新中的尝试,我们期待您的故事
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Excellence in Culture Creation | 杰出企业文化创造奖
Have you changed from a single-minded ‘me’ culture to a world-class, inclusive and collaborative team culture? | 

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We encourage applications that demonstrate "excellence achieved" — i.e., success as a result of your shared services and outsourcing initiatives. The applications process has been designed to be as simple as possible. It does not require weeks of research and writing — but a good description of what you and your team have achieved in support of your business. Applications are via a word document. Feel free to include photos, images, videos, and any other material that supports your application. It's your opportunity to shine a spotlight on your team.