23 - 24 October, 2018 |
Pullman Shanghai South, China

Pre-Conference Workshops: 22 October 2018

9:00 am - 11:00 am Workshop A Shared Services 101 – Mastering the Basics of Strategic Planning and Implementation

Mei Zhong Wei - Vice President, CFO, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd
Peter Wu - Vice General Manager, Finance Centre, Red Star Macalline Group
It can be a potentially difficult journey setting up a new shared services centre in China. Coupled with this, you need to navigate and leap frog your SSC by leveraging on RPA/AI/Data analytics and sufficient talent.
Join this workshop to learn hands-on essential steps to plan, launch, stabilize and transform a new shared services centre, including the fundamentals of various service delivery models, process transformation, service definition, talent management and benchmarks for effective implementation.
Key learning points:
ØUnderstanding the key criteria for selecting the right location to achieve balance between cost, business, talent pool
ØBuilding a solid business case to gain senior management buy in to ensure smooth transformation and effective communications
ØHow to make implementation smooth and fast?
ØMaking service rehearsals the final phase of preparation to run real life business issues prior to launch

Mei Zhong Wei

Vice President, CFO
Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd


Peter Wu

Vice General Manager, Finance Centre
Red Star Macalline Group

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Workshop C Transforming Your SSC to be SMART with Large-Scale Adoption of RPA and Data Analytics – Key criteria to achieve SMART SSC

Tanmay Agarwal - VP & Head-Global Business Services, Coca-Cola- Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd
Ben Huang - Network of Capabilities Center (NoCC) Transformation Lead-Solutions APAC North, ABInBev
In the last 5 years, the hottest topics regarding technology in the SS&O China industry has clearly been how Robotic Process Automation and Data Analytics promises to revolutionize and transform business services in your SSC. However, the market is short of real case studies and practical implementation lessons on moving beyond theory to large scale practice.
In this session, you will hear from early adopters who have achieved significant efficiency improvement and cost reduction from RPA implementation and Data Analytics. They will share the journey through detailed case studies to lead you from the very beginning.
Key learning points:
ØHow to build a business case for RPA and data analytics
ØEvaluating whether you have the right infrastructure in place to adopt RPA and Data Analytics
ØUnderstanding which process is suitable for RPA and Data analytics, how to balance it?
ØUp-skilling your workforce for the transformation
ØClearing security challenges and hurdles
ØMachine Learning Implementation for Large-Scale RPA Adoption

Tanmay Agarwal

VP & Head-Global Business Services
Coca-Cola- Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd


Ben Huang

Network of Capabilities Center (NoCC) Transformation Lead-Solutions APAC North

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop E Digitising Your SSC to be SMART by Implementing RPA/AI/Block-chain – How to scale up RPA and start to implement AI/block-chain at your shared services centre to empower your SSC to provide more value adding services?

Most of the SSCs claim that they are already implementing RPA and thinking about how to use block-chain in their procurement or supply chain process. However, while there are some really innovative and intelligent examples of analytics, many SSCs in China are having difficulty in adopting systematic approach to scale up the RPA. No need to say they have experience in implementing AI and block-chain.
This workshop will illustrate how you can build a real strategy to achieve business intelligence via practical case studies.
Key learning points:
ØBuilding a strong business case for RPA/AI/Block-chain implementations to gain stakeholder buy-in
ØDecentralising procurement process for optimization
ØGet ready yourself for long-term synergy across different functions and process
ØCase Studies: Examples of block-chain in SSCs to add value to business

9:00 am - 11:00 am Workshop B Global Business Services (GBS) 101 - Overcoming Challenges of Transforming GBS to be a Strategic Business Partner

Sanjay Patel - Group Head of Global Business Services, British American Tobacco
GBS delivery models that harness shared services, outsourcing, and virtual captives require a level of complexity beyond single source governance. In the face of continuous change, management agility is critical to deliver the promise of GBS. As we see more GBS launched and located in China this year, join the workshop to learn a successful roadmap to the GBS transformation.
Key learning points:
Ø  Stay Open: Identifying pain-points and designing solutions to solve them
Ø  Stay Ahead: How can you strengthen your GBS to be a strategic partner for your business?
Ø  Stay Positive: Continuously improving different processes to achieve greater value 

Sanjay Patel

Group Head of Global Business Services
British American Tobacco

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Workshop D Achieving Constant Continuous Improvement to Drive Business Value Up by customer experience management

Jane Qi - Global HR SSC Director, Flextronics
No matter where you sit on the maturity curve, every company is focusing on continuous improvement within their SSC.
But which process needs to be improved? And how much more can you improve? Moreover, when you add more functions into your SSC, how do you achieve consistent improvement along the way?
This workshop will provide you with a framework on how to implement continuous improvement throughout your SSC, thereby achieving cost saving, driving business value up and higher efficiency.
Key learning points:
ØNot theoretically but practically: Achieving continuous improvement to achieve higher ROI
ØEstablishing the right culture and structure to achieving constantly continuous improvement
ØHarnessing customer’s feedback for continuous improvement to improve customer experience
ØConstantly transforming your service delivery model for fast-changing global business footprint
ØSelecting the right process to improve such as P2P, R2R for higher business agility
ØIntegrating internal stakeholders and outside partner to do constant continuous improvement 

Jane Qi

Global HR SSC Director